Q: What are your business hours?

A: By appointment only. Please email or call to setup an appointment.

Q:How long will you hold a date for us?
A: 1 week after your tour. You can request a date be held as soon as you schedule a tour.

Q: How much do I have to pay to confirm the date?
A: 50% of the site fee.

Q:When is the best time to tour?
A: Oct-May: Friday to Monday or June-Sept: Friday mornings or Sunday afternoons, since we have weddings most weekends.

Q:Will I be working with multiple people?
A: No. You will be working solely with Heidi and Carl, both owners of GLWE.

Q:When is the best time to get married in Lake Chelan?
A: We book dates from June till the end of September. We are an entirely outdoor venue so outside these times may be too cold. We are available for ceremony only bookings outside this date on a case by case basis.

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Catering & Beverages

Q: Can I bring my own caterer?

A: Yes. GLWE does not require you use any specific caterer. We do however have preferred caterers that we work with and would recommend because we know the quality & professionalism of these vendors.

Q:Are there any minimum beer or wine purchases or corkage fee?
A: No & there is no fee for any products you bring on property. You are responsible to purchase all beer & wine for the event. There are limits on the amount that can be served & you must purchase a banquet permit from any WA State Liquor Store.

Q: Can we serve liquor? (vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, etc)
A: No. Unfortunately our insurance requires we do not allow any "hard alcohol" on the premise.

Q: Do we need a bartender?
A: Yes. A licensed bartender is required to serve beer & wine. Ask GLWE or your caterer to help finding a local bartender.

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Q:Are chairs for the ceremony included in the package?
A: No. We will setup the chairs for the ceremony (if you rent extra chairs or not) but you will be responsible for moving the chairs to the reception area if extra chairs are not rented.

Q:Do we have to setup the tables & chairs for the ceremony?
A: No. GLWE staff will setup the tables & chairs for the ceremony before 10am on the day of the event.

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Am I allowed to bring my own decorations?
A: Yes. You are free to use many different types of decorations, they will just need to be removed before the end of the rental period.

Q: Can we throw confetti, bird seed or rice? What about bubbles?
A: No. Unfortunate they make a mess and hard to clean up and the bubble containers get scattered everywhere. ANYTHING, biodegradable is permitted; rose peddles, lavender blossoms, etc.

Q:Can we setup decorations before the day of the wedding?
A: Yes. You're welcome to decorate during the Rehearsal time (3-8pm the day before the wedding).

Q:Can we have candles or open flames?
A: Candles are welcome but fire pits are not because of the fire danger. Please keep in mind that it if there is any wind the candles might not stay lit. We recommend LED lights for candles and lanterns.

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Logistics (# of guest, timing, etc.)

Q: How many guests can we have at our wedding & reception?
A: It depends on your package. Our packages sizes are: 100, 150, 200 or 250 (max).

Q: How many people can I have at the Rehearsal?
A: 50 people, not including vendors.

Q:How early can we arrive on the wedding day?
A: 10am.

Q:When is the wedding over?
A: Music must be off at 10:30pm and all guests must leave by 11pm.

Q:Do I have to purchase an insurance policy?
A: Yes. Please see the contract for more details.

Q:Do I need a banquet permit?
A: Yes. These can be purchased at any WA State Liquor Store. Please provide a copy to GLWE.

Q:Can we leave cars overnight at Greens Landing?
A: Yes. We welcome people to leave their cars and take the shuttle bus home or catch a ride.

Q:How many weddings will be booked on my day?
A: One. You will have sole use of the property for the rental period.

Q:What is the backup plan in case of bad weather?
A: We are an entirely outdoor venue, so we recommend you plan ahead for any problems. Renting tents and/or umbrellas for the event is a good idea. These will cover you if its too hot or it the weather turns bad.

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Onsite Accommodations

Q: Does Greens Landing have onsite accommodations?
A: Yes. We have a 2 bedroom Pool House that sleeps 6. Please contact us for more information.

Q:Is there a minimum stay required?
A: Yes. Only a 2 night minimum stay.

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Q: How much parking is there?
We can accommodate 75 cars onsite. We also have a lot offsite, 3/4 of a mile away, to hold additional vehicles but you are responsible for shuttling guests to and from. We recommend getting a shuttle to transport guest from their hotel to the ceremony as well, this saves on parking and protects your friends & family.

Q: Are parking attendance are included?
A: Yes. We will have staff assisting guest parking to maximize use of the parking area.

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Q:Are we given time to do a rehearsal on the property?
A: Yes. Rehearsal is from 3pm-8pm the day before the wedding.

Q: Can we have a rehearsal dinner?
A: Yes. But it is an additional fee and is NOT included in the wedding package and is limited to 50 guests.

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Q: Am I required to use or are there any restriction on vendors? (floral, photographer, caterer, rentals, etc.)

A: No. But we do highly recommend our "Preferred Vendors" because they know the venue and we can vouch for their professionalism.

Q: Are there any additional cost-cleaning fees, etc?
A: There are no hidden fees. You may be billed for additional cleaning fees if there is damage and/or excess garbage left on property. Please see the contract for additional details.

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